Seat belt alarm hmeh mih theihna hman leh zawrh khap

Seat belt alarm hmeh mih
theihna hman leh zawrh khap
Aizawl district bawrhsap Dr Lalhriatzuali Ralte chuan lirtheia chuangte himna tura siam, motor vehicle seat belt tha taka hman a nih theihna’n seat belt alarm hmeh mih theihna hmanraw siamte zawrh leh hman a khap.
Ministry of Consumer Affairs Food and Public Distribution hnuaia Department of Consumer Affairs hriattirna siam leh Rule 182A(3) Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019-in a sawi angin, mihring himna tura duan hrang hrang tiderthawng thei thil zawrh khap a nih thu hi sawiin, ‘Lirthei part zuartuten he dan kalh hian seat belt stopper clip an zuar thin tih hriat a ni a, mihring himna tiderthawng thei a nih avangin zawrh khap a ni,’ a ti.
Tunlai lirtheiah chuan seat belt alarm dah vek a ni tawh a, mi tam takin hei hi duh loin, an lirtheiah seat belt alarm stopper clip an vuah thin a. Hei hi Rule 124 & 125 of Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 bawhchhiatna a ni, tiin a sawi a. Car seat belt alarm stopper clip zawrh leh lei hi khap a ni tih bawrhsap chuan mipui a hriattir.

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