Sipai officer-te Mizoramah inzir

Sawrkar laipui Ministry of Defence hnuaia National Defence College New Delhi-a National Security & Strategic Course zir mek India sipai officer-te leh India ram thiantha ram dang paruk atanga sipai officer, an vaiin mi 18 chuan Thawhtanni khan Thenzawl an tlawh.

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Thenzawl Golf Course hmuna anmahni puala inkawmhonaah he team hruaitu Maj. Gen. Hari B. Pillai sawi danin, National Defence College hi kum 1960-a din niin, tuna he course zir mekte hi a batch 63-na an ni.

National Security and Strategy Course zir tur hian India sipai – Army, Navy leh Air Force atangte leh India thiantha foreign ram sipai, colonel leh a chunglam chinte thlan thin an ni. Heng zirlaite hi India ram chhung fanpui changte, a changin foreign ramah pawh zinpui thin an ni. Tunah hian he course zir mek hi team sarihah inthendarhin India ram hmun hrang hrang an fang mek a; India rama hnam hrang hrangte nunphung leh hnamzia zirin, mipui nunphung hre tura zin an ni.

Thenzawl SDO V Lalmuanpuii’n khualthate lawmna thu sawiin, Serchhip addl DC Lalmuansanga Ralte chuan district dinhmun tlangpui a sawi. SP Stephen Lalrinawma chuan district security dinhmun a sawi a; PTS principal H L Thangzuala, Horticulture College principal Dr Shri Dhar, Thenzawl DFO Lalbiakchama Chawngthu leh AH & Vety atangin Dr Lalmuanpuia Samte ten an hmalakna an hrilh.

National Security & Strategic zir mek ramdang sipai officer-te hi France, Japan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Uzbekistan leh Oman atanga rawn kalte an ni a. An ni ho leh India sipai officer-te hi National Defence College faculty, senior directing staff (Army-III) Major General Hari B. Pillai hoin an rawn kal a. Nizan khan Thenzawlah an riak a ni.

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