Skywalk/ Ropeway siam tumnaa PIL lut High Court-in titawp

Skywalk/ Ropeway siam tumnaa
PIL lut High Court-in titawp
Durtlang – Chaltlang inkar Ropeway leh Sakawrhmuituai Tlanga Skywalk siam tumna hlawhtling zui ta lo chungchanga Gauhati High Court-a public interest litigation (PIL) lut chu 2023 May 3 khan Justice Nelson Sailo leh Justice Marli Vankung te chuan an hnawl.
PIL thehluttu hian Durtlang – Chaltlang Ropeway leh Sakawrhmuituai Tlanga Skywalk siamna tura sawrkar laipui Ministry of Tourism-in Mizoram sawrkar hnena sum a pek, cheng vaibelchhe 99 hman a nih danah fel lo awm nia hriain Gauhati High Court Aizawl Bench-ah a zualko a ni.
He project-ah hian Mizoram sawrkar leh contractor-te chuan 2017 August 30 khan thla 16 chhunga zo hman turin inremna an ziak a, huntiam chhunga zawh hman a ni loa, contractor hnena sum pechhuak tawh siin, he project hi huntiam chhunga zawh a nih loh avangin PIL hi thehluh a ni.
Gauhati High Court hian PIL lut hi ngaihtuah turin a pawm a. A ngaihtuah hnuhnun ber May 3 khan, contractor aiawha ding ukil chuan he thil hi a ruaitu (employer) leh a rawih (contractor) te hian court pawn lama inchinfel tuma an buaipui lai mek a ni tih hrilhin, court chuan hetianga inchinfel tuma buaipui mek chu a lo ngaihtuah zui zel tul ti loin, a titawp a ni.

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