Sports School sak mek enpui

Sports School sak mek enpui
Sports minister Robert Romawia Royte chuan Mamit Residential Sports School sak mek chu Ningani khan a hmunah a enfiah.
He sports school hi PMJVK Scheme atanga sum hmuh nuai 3400 chuang senna tur niin, Academic building 1, hostel building 2, staff quarters 1, principal quarters 1, multipurpose hall 1, basketball court 1, volleyball court 1, tanky lian bakah astroturf football ground leh pavillion a kengtel. Engineer-te report danin, sum hi sawrkar laipuiin zaa 50 a rawn pechhuak tawh a, a taka hnathawh tawh chin chu zaa 80 vel a ni.
Cheng nuai 1250 senna tur Mamit Multipurpose Indoor Hall sak mek pawh Sports minister hian a tlawh a. Mizorama hall lian ber dawttu tur Mamit-in a nei tur chu a lawmpui hle tih a sawi. Mamit District Sports Complex Bawngvaa cheng nuai 4400 chuang senga sak mek pawh a tlawh a. Athletic tract, hostel, pavillion sak te a en. Sports Complex hian tennis court 2, basketball court, futsal ground leh volleyball court a kengtel.

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