Synod Hospital tan hlan

Synod Hospital tan hlan
Minister R Lalzirliana chuan Synod Hospital Durtlang chu coffee peeling leh grinding machine a hlan. Synod Hospital-in coffee chin nachang an hria chu a fakawm a tih thu sawiin, coffee kung enkawl zuina lamah Land Resources, Soil & Water Conservation department-in hma a lak pui thei tur chu a hlawkthlak dawn hle tih a sawi a ni.
Synod moderator RevDr C Chawnghmingliana chuan an khawl chu a hmel ena ho taka lang, mah se ropui tak a ni, tiin, an coffee huan pawh a enkawl dan felfai taka an hriat loh avangin kung sang tak tak a awm nual a, chu’ng chu Soil department-in a enkawlnaah kaihhruaina an pe thei tur chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi.
LRS&WC department-in coffee herna khawl minister-in Synod Hospital a hlan hi TGI coffee grinder leh farm type Baby hand pulper a ni a. A peeler hian darkar khatah kg. 100 vel a peel thei a, grinder hian darkar khatah kg. 8-12 vel a her thei a ni.

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