will.i.am & Britney Spears ‘Scream & Shout’-in 1B view a kai

will.i.am leh Britney Spears te music video ‘Scream & Shout’ chuan YouTube-ah vawi tluklehdingawn en a hlawh ta a, Britney Spears tan music video tluklehdingawn en hlawh thei a neih vawi khatna niin, will.i.am tan a pahnihna a ni ve thung.
Britney Spears hi a vanglaia khawvel huapa zaithiam hriathlawh ber te zinga mi a ni nain, an vanglai hi mi nawlpuiin internet kan duh ang anga kan hman theih hma, YouTube kan la hmelhriat hma kha a ni a, hei vang hian an music video te pawhin vawi tluklehdingawn en hlawh hi an harsat bik riau a ni. Hetiang karah hian BS-i solo music video zinga en hlawh ber chu 1999-a a rawn lar chhuahna ‘Baby One More Time’ kha niin, vawi maktaduai 821 en a hlawh tawh.
will.i.am pawh hi Black Eyed Peas angin 2019-a J Balvin an thawhpuina ‘RITMO’ chuan vawi tluklehdingawn en a hlawh tawh a, ‘Scream & Shout’ hi group ang ni loa a video vawi tluklehdingawn en hlawh thei hmasa ber a ni ve thung.
‘Scream & Shout’ hi 2012-a an tihchhuah kha niin, Billboard Hot 100-ah pawh No.3 a kai pha a ni.

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