YMA basketball thiam ber Ramhlun North

YMA basketball thiam ber Ramhlun North
Chhinga Veng Branch YMA Diamond Jubilee Thanpari Pautu Memorial Inter Branch YMA Bas-ketball Tournament – 2023 final chu Thawh-tanni zan khan Hawla Indoor Stadium, Republic Vengthlangah khelh a ni a, 85-75-a Khatla South hnehtu Ramhlun North an champion.
Khatla South hian quarter khatnaah 22-19-in an lead a, quarter hnih-naah pawh 40-38-in hma an hruai leh a, mahse, quarter thumnaah Ram-hlun North an erlet a, 64-57-a chungnungin, fourth quarter-ah pawh 85-75-in an sang leh a, branch YMA inelna basketball-ah thiam ber an ni.
Champion team Ram-hlun North kutah Rs. 1,00,000 leh trophy lutin, pahnihna Khatla South-in trophy leh Rs. 50,000 an dawng a, semi-final pal-tlang zo lo team pahnih Kanan leh Bungkawn-in Rs. 8,000 leh quarter-fi-nalist team pali Bethle-hem Vengthlang, Zarkawt, Tuikhuahtlang leh Nurse-ry-in Rs. 5,000 an hawn.
Tournament chhunga player thiam ber (most valuable player) atana thlanchhuah Ramhlun North star player Mal-sawmtluanga kutah tro-phy leh Rs. 5,000 a lut.

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