Youth & Eco Club Fest

Samagra Shiksha Lawngtlai District huaihawtin Zirtawpni khan Lawngtlai district-a middle school thlanbikte tan “Reuse, Recycle, Reduce” tih thupui hmangin Lawngtlaiah Youth & Eco Club Festival neih a ni.
Youth & Eco Club Festival-in a tum ber chu, sarang leh plastic lam chi, fimkhur lo taka thehthang avanga leilung leh boruak tichhe thei, environment leh mihring hriselna atana pawi thei ang chite paih mai loa, hman nawn theih ang ang hman nawn leh hman tlem inzirtir a ni a. Youth Club leh Eco Club ten stall siamin, thil chhia leh hman hnu thehthang mai tur atanga thil tangkai leh tha zawk an siam chhuah chu a duh tana en theih leh lei theihin an pho chhuak a; zirlaiten zai leh lam leh thiamthil dang entirin, variety programme hman a ni bawk.

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