Zelensky-a’n United States tlawh dawn

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky chuan karleh khian Capitol Hill leh White House a tlawh dawn a, United Nations General Assembly neihnaa tel pahin a tlawh dawn a ni.
Hetih lai hian Congress chuan Russia run tawk mek Ukraine tena an beihletna puih nan military leh humanitarian aid $21 billion pek tur leh tur loh an sawiho dawn a ni.
Zelensky hian president Joe Biden chu White House-ah karleh Ningani khian a hmu dawn a ni.
Ukrainian President hian December 2022 khan Washington lo tlawh tawhin Congress joint meeting ah thusawina a lo nei tawh a.
Khatih lai khan Zelensky chuan Americans te chu indona an hmachhawn meka an puihna avanga lawmthu sawiin an sum pek chu ‘charity’ a ni lo ‘investment’ zawk a ni tia sawiin global security leh democracy a investment a ni tiin a sawi.
Karleha Zelensky an United States a tlawh tur hi mipui nawlpui hriat theih turin a kimchanga a programme neih turte tarlan a ni lo va.
US Congress chuan Ukraine hnenah hian sum pek belh tur a nih leh nih loh a ngaihtuah dawn a. Biden chuan Ukraine tan hian military aid $13 billion leh humanitarian support $8 billion a ngen sak a ni.
Mahse Republican lawmaker thenkhatte chuan federal spending tihtlem hrim hrim ngiatin Ukraine hnena sum pek belh an duh lo nia sawi a ni thung.

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