Cabinet-in coop society ngenna tihhlawhtlin sak turin ngen nawn

Cooperative society hruaitute kum 10 aia rei hruaitu nihna chelh theih lohna dan paih tura an ngenna chu Mizoram sawrkar Cabinet-in a tihhlawhtlin sak ngei an ring a, an ngen tih Mizoram State Level Cooperative Societies Coordination Committee chuan an sawi.
Coordination Committee hruaitute chuan kum 2016-a Assembly theuha an lo pass tawh, chief minister pawhin an duhna tihhlawhtlin mai theih nia hmaichhana a lo sawihmuh tawh chu naktuk maia cabinet thutkhawmah pass ngei an beisei hle tih an sawi a ni.
He thil an ngen mek kaihhnawiha Mizoram Cooperative Siamtha Pawl inti in, thudik lo hmanga an chhanletna chu an pawl vek hian thudik loin thu an lo chhuah tih an puang leh, an thuchhuah an zuk leh thu pawh Cooperative Societies Coordination Committee hian an sawi bawk.

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