Sahuanah sakei pahnih dah thar

Sahuanah sakei pahnih dah thar
Aizawl Sahuana dah tur Mizoram Environment, Forests & Climate Change department-in sakei – Royal Bengal Tiger)pahnih a lakbelh chu a hmun phurh thlen a ni tawh.
Sakei pahnih la tur hian Aizawl Zoological Park range officer leh Vety officer te kaihhruaiin mi paruk an kal a. kumin March 21 khan Aizawl chhuahsanin March 24 khan an lakna tur Bhubaneswar an thleng a, sakei phurhna tur engkim an ruahman fel hnu in March 27 khan an awmna hmasa Nandankanan Zoological Park an chhuahsan a, March 31 khan Aizawl Zoological Park thlenpui an ni.
Tun tuma sakei lak tharte hi a nu leh a pa a ni a, a pa hi a hming Kundan niin a nu hi Adyasha a ni a, inthlah pung thei tura beisei an ni.
Tun tuma sakei lak tharte hi hun engemawchen chu dah hran an ni rih dawn a, mipui en theih tura phochhuah thuai tum a ni.

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