Sum thiltihtheihna hneh nawn – Lalduhoma

A vawithumna atan sum thiltihtheihna hnehin a awm leh ta tih ZPM leader Lalduhoma chuan a sawi.
Aizawl Municipal huamchhunga local council pathum – Zemabawk, ITI Veng leh Durtlang Leitan-a by-election result tlirletna inkhawm an party office-a neihah ZPM leader chuan Bible-in sual tinreng bul a tih – sum thiltihtheihna chu a vawithumna atan hnehin a awm leh ta a, lungthu a kim ta, tiin a sawi.
Inthlan result-ah tumah mawi lo taka che leh tawng awm loa, Pathian hnena lawmthu sawi tawngtai rualna an nei thin chu hmuh nuam a tih thu a sawi bawk.
ZPM president Lalliansawta chuan Zemabawk leh Durtlang Leitan LC by election-a hnehna an chan hi theihna tura thawktu zawng zawng chungah an lawm hle tih a sawi a. Mimal, Unit leh Block atangin tanpuina sumfai engemawzat an dawng chu lawmawm an tih thu te, an candidate leh an chhungte inpekna leh thahnemngaihna avanga ZPM chu ropui ve mai chauh a nih thu te a sawi. “Sawrkar tha siam turin theihtawp chhuah zel ang u,” a ti.
ZPM Gen. Hqrs. thuchhuak chuan Zemabawk leh Durtlang Leitana an party candidate thlantlinte an lawmpui tih sawiin, ITI Vengah vanduai zawkah tang mah se, an hmasawnnaah erawh an lawm hle tih a sawi a. Inthlanna buaipuitu sawrkar official-te chungah an lawm hle tih a sawi bawk.

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