Vbch.17 sengin Durtlang Playground sa tan dawn

Cheng vaibelchhe 17 chuang sengin Durtlang Playground sak a ni dawn a, Inrinni khan UD&PA changtu deputy chief minister Tawnluia’n a lungphum a phum.
Deputy chief minister chuan playground tha tak neih a nghakhlel hle tih sawiin, chumi kawngah sawrkar chang nilo Durtlang mipui leh khawtlang hruaitute an tangrual tih a sawi. Durtlang playground chu Zoram mipui huapzo, veng hran leh khaw dang tha taka lo dawngsawngtu ni thei tura enkawl turin khawtlang mipui a chah bawk.
Durtlang playground tur hi Aizawl Smart City Limited hnuaia sak a ni a, play area tur chu 110 m X 68 m niin, astro turf phah a ni ang. A project senso tura ruahman chu cheng vaibelchhia 17.87 a ni.

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