‘Local’ in lo turin ngen

Mizorama dan phal loha siam tualchhung zu ‘local’ chu mihring hriselna atana hlauhawm a ni, tiin Excise & Narcotics Department chuan in lo turin mipui an ngen.

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Excise & Narcotics Department thuchhuak chuan, tunlaiin Mizoram hmun hrang hranga dan phal loha zu siam hi mihring hriselna atan a hlauhawm avangin hetiang zu hi in lo turin mipui a ngen nawn tih a sawi.

END chhinchhiah danin, kuminah January 16 thleng khan zu khapna dan – the Mizoram Liquor (Prohibition) Act 2019 tlawhchhanin dan phal loha siam rakzu litre 3348 leh zu bilh lai tin 2984 bakah zu siamna atana hman tur dawidim kg.43, a senchi (IMFL) um puitling 1172, a chanve um 11, a quarter um 146, beer can 518 leh Burma siam zu BEDC litre 81.600 an man tawh a ni.

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